The game needs changing.

It’s no longer about consumers. It’s about humans.

Human-centered innovation

We work with brands, entrepreneurs, and startups to create a new human-centric design model in business. At sFBI, it’s never about B2C, only B2H: business to humans. Our desires, our fears, and our challenges. We’ve taken all the steps to jumpstarting the right kind of innovation and we’ve packaged them into a repeatable process that is uniquely sFBI’s.

Stand-out team

The founders and CEOs that fill sFBI’s ranks have specialties ranging from artificial intelligence to augmented reality, from web development to interactive media, from human behavior to natural language processing. We are using our joint expertise in founding, growing, and operating businesses to prototype innovation. Our promise is experience, vision, and execution.


Our ventures

Pulse Play is an sFBI venture
Pulse Play is a smartwatch for tennis and racket sports that gives player the professional experience. Founded by three-time Grand Slam champ Andy Ram, Pulse Play will hit the courts this spring.


Bosco is an sFBI venture
Bosco is a teen insights app that unravels your teen’s well-being from their smartphone activity and helps you better understand their state of mind. Bosco will be available this spring.


CareHood eases the stress of difficult times with the help of family, friends & community. It’s where caregivers and their loved ones can discover what can help them and get involved. Out this spring. 


Gistit provides written and recorded summaries of academic research that gives students the gist of their course materials and helps them save time while preparing for exams.


Superheroes are hard to find this days. Our hive is full of them.

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    Enon Landenberg

    Founder, Dreamer, Doer

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    Natalie Edwards

    Marketing Team Leader

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    Yogev Reinhold

    Chief Operating Officer

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    Renana Kishon

    Head of Creative and User Experience Design

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    Oded Jr. Lavie

    Chief Creative & Innovation

  • facebook linkedin twitter
    Andy Ram

    Tennis Champion, CEO Pulse Play

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    Marni Mandell

    Head of Biz Dev & Investor Relations

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    Limor Ben Ari

    CEO Bosco

  • Jack Daniels

    Inspiration Chief

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    Yariv Goren


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    Gil David

    Full-Stack Developer

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     Salomé Dahan

    Social Media Manager

Will your innovation be next?

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we will help you make it happen.