June 1, 2016

In my last 20+ years as a designer (no need to be precise), design has transformed immensely. My initial dream as of student of bringing “emotional design” to products to the forefront has changed radically as technology has progressed and heralded the rise of Experience Design. This is my 20+ year history in design, and by extension a history of design in the digital age itself.

The 1980s: embracing technology

Even in the beginning, I embraced technology and idolized the magic of computers, growing together with my then best friend – the Macintosh IIx, part of the first wave of Apple computers in 1988. My heroes were David Carson – “the father of grunge” (Ray Gun magazine) – whose work in the 80s, without any technology, remains the best I’ve seen. And Neville Brody (The Face Magazi...

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